• Cabinetry Receiving and Delivery Services

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    Like all companies in the building industry, cabinetry companies rely heavily on their warehousing and trucking companies to provide secure and timely receiving and delivery services. Cabinetry and custom mill work can vary in scope from small residential clients to retail stores, housing developments, and other large commercial applications. Inventory and storage needs can often exceed the company's available space. From receiving materials and components to safely storing completed products, cabinetry companies need a professional, reliable receiving and delivery solution. Hilton Moving and Storage is ideally equipped to satisfy these needs. Our 30,000 square foot air-conditioned storage facility and dedicated receiving and delivery staff are ready to document, store, and organize your inventory. Items can be delivered directly to the Hilton facility where they will be kept until needed. When it's time to install completed products, they will be delivered promptly to their final location. Whether you are out of state or a local Naples FL cabinetry company, we are able to service your large receiving shipments and hold in our air-conditioned storage until time of installation. Call Hilton Moving’s office to receive an outline of our pricing structures for all of our services.